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Resistant Mindz

Grey Wolf (Single)

by Storytellers

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Storytellers' debut single, which will be on our upcoming album(s), but will be different on the album, enjoy and stay posted for much more <3


Grey Wolf


I've been rocking straight through the night to the beat of my heart. Never complete, that's your art.
That's your joint. Jam. Impart wisdom on the man.
Listen to his own, let it in, medicine to the fan.
Records spin again, head is in rotation.
Let it soon begin, yeah.
Build 'em an ark, what good would it do?
Let's settle it all out.
Where we're headed-
Don't look down.

It's for the very best if you don't.
It's for the very best if you don't look back.
It's for the very best.
It's for the very best if you don't; look-

It's for the very best.

It's for the very best.
Ride the crest of that wave, for as many days as you have.
Days gave, given, for the art of living live, never gonna quantify that, no need to qualify that.

What happened to you?
I mean to say,
What happened to you?
What happened to you?
I mean to say, I need,
I need you to show me what I don't see.
Show me what I don't see.


Going through it, lost in the grip.
Feel like I'm lost in a myth.
Thoughts tend to fit, let 'em fall into place, don't slip, it'd be a waste.
Intend to do the damn thing, no matter what another man think.
This ain't all a planned thing.
Until I bless concrete, leave the stress on me.
Show me what I don't see.
Messages subliminal, never really written down.
Make a living giving and pray to be forgiven.
How funny is this give and take, stuck on accelerate, hard times celebrate, pray the lord don't hesitate.
All I do is say shit. Very basic.
Minimal preparation to maintain homeostasis.
While inside my Asics, sing the body electric, no matter the metric, I just pray it fit together like-

Don't look back.
It's gone.
It's all gone.
It's all gone.


Throw the beat on. Demons, tend to leave 'em.
Feel like it's been an eon.
Every sound therapeutic.
Sometimes I act like I knew it.
Not too much to say to me.
Coulda wrote this on the LIE.
De La Soul.
Found that braver me.
I'm saying play the beat, let it go.
Freer than most, adios demons and ghosts.
Pressure feel like it's s'posd.
Getting close, this your brain on hope.
Wait out this whole, trust a few specs of dust. Let the rest go.
Then it's a spark.
Give you my heart.
Tear it apart.
Something to stare at, bare with.
Something barely there but you'd swear you share the air with.


released March 28, 2016
Written by Michael Schuler
Lyrics by Tim Margolin
Engineered and produced by Michael Rufolo

Tim Margolin - Vocals
Michael Schuler - Basses/Kalimba
Nick Rufolo - Basses/Synth/Strings/Bass Clarinet
Michael Rufolo - Drums
Johnnie Luca - Percussion
T.J. Schaper - Trombone
Mikey Vitale - Tenor Saxophone

Artwork by Anthony James Muscarella


all rights reserved



Storytellers New York, New York

Storytellers is a conceptual collective of musicians consisting of two basses and drums at its core, focusing on creating extended pieces devoted to painting a picture explicitly through mindful listening

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